Talia Wilde is not an award winning author.  Mostly she needed a forum to throw her incomplete thoughts into the world and somehow you found your way here.

Just kidding guys.  Talking about myself in the third person is weird. Here’s the real deal:

I graduated in English and Film Studies from Carleton University and promptly moved from Ottawa to Toronto to pursue my goals as a writer.

I’ve been a book worm my whole life. When I was in my early teens my parents filled out one of those subscription cards that offered free books if you subscribe.  A few weeks later a stack of romance novels arrived at my house.  My mother looked at me, showed me the stack and said, “Don’t read these.”  I’ve been reading romance novels ever since.  When I first picked up a pen a few years later, romance was the only thing I wanted to write.

Some things to know about me:

1) The opinions that I throw out in my blog posts are not the opinions of my characters.  Those guys have a will of their own.  They rarely listen to me.

2) I will always be honest with you guys. Mostly, I hope some of what I have to say resonates with you and I want that to be based on something I really think and feel.

3) The opinions that I throw out in my blog posts are the opinions I hold at the time that my blog post is published.  I LOVE other peoples honest and CONSTRUCTIVE opinions.  I’m always open to new information and perspectives.  LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS! I want to hear your opinions! Unless you’re an asshole.  In that case, keep it moving.

4) My serials are written on the fly.  I’m sure I’m going to regret that at some point.

5) I will read the end of the book before the beginning.  I read slow, I need to make sure I’m investing my time wisely.  Doesn’t matter that 99.9% of the books I read end the exact same way – happily ever after.

6) One of my favourite things to do is ask Torontonians to name the capital of Canada.

7) Seven is my favourite number.